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5 Weird and Funny Commercials Worth Watching


Here at theChobble, we're constantly seeking to find you the most ridiculous and hilarious photos and videos that we can. And in an attempt to gather five absurd television commercials that are just as funny as they are out there, we found five that you probably haven't seen yet. And if you have, well, chances are you'll want to watch 'em again anyway, because the world always needs more laughter.

Swing Wing?

Sadly this retro item doesn't exist anymore. Wait, not sadly—thankfully. Why? Because it looks like these kids probably had absolutely terrible neck pain after playing with this "toy" for even just a minute or so. Who thought this was fun?! Chances are you're going to need a neckbrace after watching this ad—or at least feel like you need one.

Gaming Goes To Space

Gaming hub InterCasino actually has some of the more, um, ridiculous commercials out there, several of which even got banned for various reasons. This was a clean one, though, and showcases their clear knack for absurdist wit, as you get a glimpse at what the day to day could be like for astronauts. I mean, they have to talk about mundane stuff, too, right? Also, there's no way they gave away a free trip to space.

Strip Poker

Vitamin purveyor Centrum wanted to inform the public/potential customers that taking their, well, vitamins will make you feel younger. To drive that point home, they made this "scandalous" commercial that is terribly uninteresting until the end, though that's what makes it so funny and interesting. I won't spoil it.

Shake Weight

Yeah, you have probably already seen this commercial, watched the SNL parody, and joked about it until it wasn't funny anymore. But hey, it is actually still pretty funny and, really, how did this thing even get made in the first place?

We Got Scooters!

It only feels right to end this list with hilarious commercial from North Carolina-based retailer Bobby Denning. It's one of those so-bad-it's-good affairs, where the corniness and terrible acting will leave you chuckling so hard that it hurts. "Take that low prices!" you'll shout as he backs over the "high prices" cantaloupe. The thing is, it only gets better from there.

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