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Inside Look at a Snugg iPad Case [LEARN]


I don’t always review iPad cases.  But when I do, I prefer to let a Chobble reader do it.  When approached with the opportunity to check out a Snugg case, what better person to review it than none other than one of you guys.  So open your ears and get the inside scoop on a Snugg iPad case:



My current iPad Mini case got really stained, so this was an unexpected treat to try out a Snugg case.  I have to say that this case is miles better than my previous.  I chose the dark blue color.  Although the color wasn't exactly how it looked on the Internet (it came out a little lighter than I had expected), the color is still really saturated.  It is all leather, so stains aren't easily obtained.



Where the iPad goes into the case, there is a very strong piece of velcro that holds it snug inside, rather than some flimsy corner pieces.  It also has some slots for credit cards, money, driver's license, and other kinds of cards.  I don't think I will be using this much, but it is always an option if I don't want to carry my wallet.  One thing that is pretty cool about this case is that there is a band on the inside so I am able to hold the iPad, essentially “with no hands.”  This comes in handy when I want to show someone something but don't want to have to hand my iPad over to them. 


The only negatives I have is that the volume buttons kind of sink down in the case, so they are sometimes a little hard to get to.  Overall, I think this is a quality case with a lot of little extras.

[Thanks Keli!]

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