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7 Manly Men Activities


Thanks Kyle!

There's having fun, and then there's having fun like a man. Make your weekend special by dumping the run-of-the-mill and being the manly man you really want to be. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Drive an ATV to Your Hunting Spot - Through the Mud

There's nothing quite like going hunting, but even that can be amped up a bit. Slap a set of ATV mud tires on your mechanical steed and wait for the perfect rainstorm. The day after, mount up and drive over the muddy hills just like the guys in the ads. You'll love the trip even if you don't end up shooting anything.


Break Out the Tools

Nothing proves you're a man like your ability to fix things, so get started on a project. For bonus points, choose a job that's nice and greasy. Fixing up a car is always good, especially if it has some age too it and will draw the looks of many once it is fixed up.


Hit the Gym

Lifting heavy weights is always macho. Doing it at the gym on a regular basis will ensure that your body ends up looking better for the effort and also gives you better health to endure your tough life. Make sure to use a co-ed gym for maximum advantage. Try to find out when a Pilates class is going to be held and "coincidentally" time your weight lifting so everyone in the class will get a good look, including yourself.


Hunting/ Shooting

Load up the rifle and pistol and head to the range. Griping a the mechanism in your hand gives you a tremendous connection and appreciation for those who made the firearm, and to destroy some paper or clay targets in front of you gives you a thrill like a kid in the candy shop.


Fire Up the Grill

There's nothing like cooking meat over a fire to bring out the man in you. Unlike cooking in the kitchen, grilling is far from flouncy. Best of all, everyone in the neighborhood will know you're doing it because the smell will be like a beacon. If you want to be really impressive, go for thick, juicy steaks or throw on the kill of the evening.


Try an Extreme Sport

If you want the top manly man trophy, you need to do something that makes even other manly men stop and gasp. Try jumping out of a helicopter on a snowboard or base jumping off of a mountainside. Of course, if you're not used to physical activity, you'll need to take Suggestion 5 and hit the gym first.

These are just some of the activities that are sure to please manly men and impress the ladies at the same time. Of course, there are always the old standbys as well. Watching sports, going to the bar, playing a game of baseball or hoops, having a beer and combinations of all of these are staples of maleness.



Kyle Poole

Kyle recently moved to Chicago from New Zealand three months ago to pursue a career in writing. He works at a newspaper and is learning how to build websites in his spare time.

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