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Recap of the Best April Fools for 2013 [15 Photos]






An in-depth list thanks to u/ReplyYouDidntExpect


  1. Google Maps adds a treasure map feature
  2. Google introduces search-by-smell feature "nose"
  3. Google makes Gmail blue
  4. Google+ introduces "Emotions+" to add feelings to your pictures
  5. Google Australia lets you spiffy up your house on street view with "schmick"
  6. Google Apps creates a levity algorithm
  7. Vimeo turns into Vimeow, a cat video site
  8. Funny or Die launches Kickstart or Die to turn 90s sitcoms into movies
  9. Skype launches a space calling program, to keep in touch with friends and family in the cosmos
  10. DeviantART introduces DeviantHEART, an online dating site for artists
  11. Change.org launches TheSame.biz — "the world’s premiere do-nothing platform, empowering people everywhere to demand that nothing deviate from the present"
  12. Scope releases bacon-flavored mouthwash
  13. Peanuts' Woodstock sues Twitter to be official spokesperson for network and receive a 75% stake in the company
  14. ModCloth mocks hardcore Instagram fans
  15. Reddit buys Team Fortress 2
  16. Sony creates headphones for cats
  17. HootSuite creates HootFoil, a new security system to protect personal online data
  18. Digg will Rickroll you if enter the Konami code (up up, down down, left, right, left, right, B, A)
  19. Twitter now charges $5 per month to use vowels in tweets
  20. Hulu adds weird new (fake) shows like Itchy & Scratchy and MILF Island
  21. George Takei announces he will be playing Master Ceti Maru in Star Wars reboot
  22. White House makes announcement using Kid President
  23. Lil Bub announces plans for world domination
  24. Birchbox starts selling actual boxes
  25. Virgin Atlantic Airlines creates glass bottomed airplane
  26. Redbox announces you can buy lunchmeat (in DVD shapes)
  27. BMW launches limited edition BMW P.R.A.M. (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile)
  28. Roku introduces "streaming shades" so you can watch movies 3 cm from your eyes
  29. The Guardian creates Guardian Goggles that lets users see either liberal or conservative augmented realities
  30. Sharpie releases "cheeseburger collection" with colors like "catsup red," "cheddar orange," "buns beige" and "beefy brown"
  31. HBO claims Peter Dinklage was going to be replaced in season 4 of Game of Thrones
  32. Kayak adds online dating to their site
  33. Pirate Bay Moves Servers to the U.S., Becomes Freedom Bay
  34. Whole Foods has a cattle cam that lets you "watch what your meat eats"
  35. Nokia develops a microwave
  36. TripAdvisor's Sniqueaway gives you an exclusive deal to Aunt Gertie's House
  37. Samsung creates Eco Trees
  38. Seamless allows you to upgrade your delivery person
  39. Netflix added some extra specific categories
  40. RunKeeper comes to iPads
  41. SoundCloud launches Dropometer, so you can prepare yourself for that big moment when the beat drops
  42. YouTube says it's shutting down and picking a "best video" winner
  43. Tic Tac releases pizza flavored mints
  44. Nesquik debuts broccoli flavored milk
  45. (Red) changes its official color to (Orange)
  46. American Eagle creates spray on skinny jeans
  47. Barclaycard creates "paywag," a payment device for dogs
  48. Canadian airline West Jet starts a "furry family" program that lets pets fly alongside their owners
  49. Social startup Omaze offers some unique opportunities like having your life narrated by Morgan Freeman or letting Oprah name your baby
  50. Mophie, a portable power solutions company, introduces "spud" reusable energy
  51. Photography site Lomography announces LomoGoggles, glasses that make you see the world in analog
  52. The U.S. Army is working on a military cat program
  53. Imgur allows photo submissions via snail mail now
  54. Furniture and decor site Wayfair debuted the HydroRoom collection — furniture which grows from pills
  55. Sporting goods retailer Rei advertised adventure gear for kittens
  56. Square and Box merged to create "Polyhedron," giving everyone the ability to pay for things and share stuff simaltaneously
  57. Bing gives you a treat if you search for "Google" on their site
  58. Oberlin became a university for cats

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