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MTV's Cribs - Unrealistically Raising Homeowner's Expectations Since 2000


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Touring the homes of the rich and famous while watching MTV’s perennially popular program “Cribs” is enough to make anyone feel like their own abode is a bit shabby. These diva digs and their jealousy-inspiring features leave many drooling and eager to job hop to something lucrative enough to bring such homes into reach. In reality, however, no matter how hard homeowners work their days away, they likely won’t be able to afford such luxury accommodations. Instead of continuing to foster these unrealistic expectations, homeowners are better served by understanding the discrepancy between what they see flash across their boob-tubes on “Cribs” and what their limited wallets can likely afford.


Curb Appeal

On cribs, houses seem imposing and impressive, even from the road. During Lauren Conrad’s episode, viewers got to feast their eyes on her home’s stone walls, massive wood garden entry door and luscious palm trees.

In real life, home-seekers can’t realistically expect such a stunning from-street view of the homes they are going to purchase — unless, of course, their pockets are quite deep. The every-man homeowner should look for a house that has updated finishes, a fresh paint job and perhaps some flowers.




Home Office

When viewers stepped into Rick Ross’s crib, they got to see his impressive, dark-wood-rich, likely rarely used, home office. Ross’s office contained not only the requisite work space, but also plenty to spare, allowing him to spread out, relax and display all of his awards.

Most homeowners who are lucky enough to even have a home office do their at-home work in cramped spaces they have eked out in their limited square footage homes. These offices are commonly outfit with utilitarian pieces, like a desk and desk chair, but lack the visual luxury of Ross’s space.




Closet Space

Soulja Boy’s ample space and oddly massive supply of seemingly never before worn white shoes inspired awe during his 2009 appearance on MTV’s “Cribs.” Though it wouldn’t seem that some of the celebrities featured on the shows in their baggy pants, wife-beater tees and carefully turned to the side hats would need so much closet space, they always seem to have it on this show, making the average homeowner feel acute pangs of envy.

For most homeowners, a walk-in closet — even a small one, is a luxury. These real-life closets are not outfit with the refined organizational systems that celebrities enjoy, but often pieced-together storage items and haphazard stacks of shoe boxes — all containing shoes decidedly more scuffed than the ones Soulja Boy showed off.





The camera crew usually surprises the unsuspecting homeowner as he or she is lounging in her pool. The camera sweeps the cool-water surface of the infinity pool, traveling up some man-made rock features and focusing on a cascading waterfall. It all looks so relaxing, serene and fitting with the celebrity’s gym-created physic.

Real-life homeowners are hardly ever surprised by camera crews — and, if they are, it doesn't show anything good — and their pools are rarely as perfect. Although water falls and infinity pools may be above your price range, pools above ground are still within reach.




Keeping It Real

Look no further than an uncommonly down-to-earth celebrity who once had his oh-so-humble home featured on "Cribs." Rapper Redman’s New Jersey home is more like the accommodations that the most enjoy. While his fridge full of nothing but 40’s and his uncle’s basement apartment may not jive with the accommodations most celebrities boast, he keeps it real and creates his cozy home to fit his unique needs, just like the average homeowner should.




Allison Casey

A yoga instructor and design advisor, Allison knows how to make any drab room into a work of art.

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