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Take Off the Beer Goggles to Find a Long-Term Lady


Thanks Scott Turner!

Yeah, yeah, yeah...Never date a girl you meet at a bar or club. You've heard it time and time again. I mean, you met a really nice chick at the Black Keys show and she was great in bed but, unfortunately for you, you didn't find out she was married until you ran into her and her husband at the MGMT show a couple weeks later. It's all trickery and lies at the bars.

That brings up the quintessential question? Where can we nice fellows find ourselves a sweet little lady? While there is no mademan manual on where to meet your dream girl, here are a few solutions.


Day Walker

A daytime event is the ideal place to look for love because, well ... you can see her in the daylight. Also, you begin on a good foot because you probably have that particular activity in common. Look into local festivals: food (from BBQ to tacos), music (from mariachi to jazz), film (from indy to porn) and crafts (well, you never know).  Or, travel to a wacky jubilee like the the Roswell UFO Festival, Coney Island Mermaid Parade or, get into your pauper chaps and find yourself a babe in a bodice at the Renaissance Festival.


Take in a Game

Women like to watch sports too. Take in a baseball, football or soccer game and guarantee your sports watching freedom for life. If she's there with her friends or family, she's got to be familiar with the sports lifestyle. Better yet, what if she is a fan of your team? Mad points for her!

Warning: Take this opportunity to observe her sports watching etiquette. There is nothing worse than an overbearing, cussing screamer no matter if she's a hot chick that loves sports or not.


Walk with Art

Most cities host a "First Friday" art walk. On the first Friday of each month, homes, shops and small venues showcase local artists of all types. Stroll along the downtown streets with a community open to discovering new and interesting culture, art and food. It's not that you can't drink to meet a good woman, so grab a small batch craft beer and enjoy art in the outdoors.


Do the Funky Chicken

Any chance you get, get to a wedding. A union of hearts is the ideal place to find love. The positives? People know the girl's reputation.  She must be cool because she secured a seat at your friend's wedding, which is kind of a big deal. If you have your eye on the slutty sister of the groom, you assuredly will be warned. It still might be a good chance to have a one-nighter.


Smack a Ball Around

Play kickball? Get outdoors and join a team or a singles adventure club. You can find a fit chic and you'll get/stay fit in the meantime. Meeting a lovely lady this way assures you a lifetime of outdoor fun and you can, almost definitely, avoid the "freshman 15" weight gain after a year of marriage.



Scott Turner -

Scott is a sports enthusiast, comic book fan and social media guru who hasn't missed a Comic Con since the first one he attended in 1995.

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