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Reason #879 Why Pets Rock: Endless Photos to Tweet & Facebook


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Animal videos are always trending online and are a great way to avoid doing things you should be doing online like homework and work (gross!). Thanks to the Internet, we all can enjoy the wildlife like an explorer in a foreign land and be touched by the enthusiastic reaction of a dog greeting his owner coming home after being stationed in the Middle East. From hand-held kittens to gorilla herds, we've got some of the best critter videos for you to share. Take a break, close your email and prepare to be entertained.


Must Love Dogs

Man's best friend makes for a large portion of video clips and photos on the Internet. Everyone remembers the Shiba Inu Puppy Cam, a live streaming of Shiba Inu puppies. From the cute ways they interact with us and other animals, dog videos are enjoyed by millions of internet users. Celebrities love sharing pics of their furry counterparts. Ice-T's wife Coco is famous for her tweets of their beloved Bulldog, while other celebrities include their pets in social media trending topics like Andy Roddick's wife Brooklyn Decker who tweeted their pooch Billie Jean was happy to hear about Roddick's retirement.

Check out this video of Buddy the Beagle greeting his soldier-dad after coming home from deployment.



Cat People

Cat content is simultaneous with the Internet and with celebrities like Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, and Kim Kardashian posting pictures of their felines the craze continues to grow. In August, the first internet Cat Video Film Festival was held, where famous videos like the the beloved Henri series was awarded. From silly memes, crazy antics to the downright adorable the Internet loves cats! check out this viral video of a surprised kitty that has received over 66 million views.



Nature Calls

Whether its contained at the zoo, on a mountain or a beach, man's interactions with wild animals amuses, amazes and sometimes scares us. Goats, elephants, gorillas—oh my!


Peter the Elephant

Perhaps the best marketing video to happen to the Samsung Galaxy Note. In this video Peter the elephant shows us the usability of the tablet.


Bikers and Bucks

If you're considering mountain biking through African plains, be aware of leaping Bucks. This biker learns the hard way. Good thing he was wearing a helmet—safety first.


Gorrilla vs. Man

An amazing yet terrifying video of a Silverback gorilla and its cubs interacting with an unsuspecting man. Fast forward to 2:33 to see the action!



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