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Best of Youtube: Ultimate Traffic Fails 2012

[Thanks James Henderson!]

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration there are 5.25 million car accidents in the U.S. each year, with accidents happening every minute! Although car accidents are not always a laughing matter, sometimes when they are extremely bizarre and no one is injured we can laugh at the true ridiculousness of the situation. From people crashing into each other, homes and traffic signals it's a shame that people did not get to enjoy these moments of idiocy as frequently as we do in modern times—thanks to the Internet. Here are some of the Internet's best traffic-fail videos, enjoy!


When Cars Forget Their Manners

In this video, a car traveling down what seems to be a one-way street is met, head-on, with a car driving in the opposite direction. Both cars stop and sit in a stand-off before one of the drivers gets out and attempts to talk to the other driver. But, what seems to be conflict resolution quickly turns to the unexpected. What would you have done?


When Cars and Bollards Collide

In this video we see the true purpose of traffic control bollards at work. One sneaky driver attempts to slip through an open gate only to be trapped by retractable traffic bollards, which lift the rear of this vehicle off of the ground as they raise up from under the ground.



CAUTION! Ice Makes Roads Slippery

This poor vehicle looks more like a ball in a Pinball machine than an SUV; bounced and tossed from every corner of this snowed-in intersection only to be sent down a street where it crashes into many vehicles. One can only hope that all vehicles were insured. One reason it's important to check weather conditions daily in the winter.



Possibly The World's Most Expensive Car Accident

A Bentley Azure, Mercedes S Class, Ferrari F430, Aston Martin Rapide and a Porsche 911—sounds like a car lovers fantasy. But when these luxury vehicles get congested outside of Place du Casino in Monaco this dream quickly turns into a nightmare, and a very expensive car repair. Watch as a crowd of people gathers to watch the group of damaged vehicles and egos.



A Not-So Mobile Home

At about 18 seconds into this video you begin to see the accident slowly develop, as what seems to be a small home of some sort seems to tip over in slow motion off of a transport vehicle onto the highway, only to be crashed into by another vehicle.


via James Henderson A DIY guy and car enthusiast, James helps readers understand car problems you can fix and what to leave for the pros.

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