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Poll Results: You’ve Been Booty Trapped [38 Photos]


You were asked what type of post you enjoy most on theChobble.


Well, after going over all the votes, looks like the winner is girls!  Thanks to everybody that voted and gave their input.  I’ll leave the poll open for awhile longer for all you last minute voters.


booty-trapped-girls-1 booty-trapped-girls-3 booty-trapped-girls-4 booty-trapped-girls-5 booty-trapped-girls-6 booty-trapped-girls-7 booty-trapped-girls-8 booty-trapped-girls-9 booty-trapped-girls-10 booty-trapped-girls-11 booty-trapped-girls-12 booty-trapped-girls-13 booty-trapped-girls-14 booty-trapped-girls-15 booty-trapped-girls-16 booty-trapped-girls-17 booty-trapped-girls-18 booty-trapped-girls-19 booty-trapped-girls-20 booty-trapped-girls-21 booty-trapped-girls-22 booty-trapped-girls-23 booty-trapped-girls-24 booty-trapped-girls-25 booty-trapped-girls-26 booty-trapped-girls-27 booty-trapped-girls-28 booty-trapped-girls-29 booty-trapped-girls-30 booty-trapped-girls-31 booty-trapped-girls-32 booty-trapped-girls-33 booty-trapped-girls-34 booty-trapped-girls-35 booty-trapped-girls-36 booty-trapped-girls-37 booty-trapped-girls-38

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